February 28, 2016

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Thought I had better drop by to have a chat and keep you posted as to my happenings.

I’m hanging on in there, but only just, as since posting Essay5O – ‘And a Nightingale Sang’,  I have been extremely busy and would you believe it hasn’t been doing my knitting, what a silly idea.

Actually, I have exciting news to impart The Adventures of a Girl Wearing Pearls is morphing into a book, a little head spinning as far as I’m concerned, but oh so exciting!

Essay 5l up date

Who would have thought that at my tender age, instead of flower arranging, jam making and all thing domestic,  my mind would be working overtime on items such as proof-reading, book covers, publishers,  launch dates, in fact, all things appertaining to publishing a book,  certainly not me!

Yes, I’m the epiphany of a very late developer almost missing the boat into the bargain!

Whilst I’m buried in a sea of papers, please spare me a thought and pray that I don’t go cross-eyed and barking mad in the process.  I will drop by soon with an update.  xx

E5O happy camper

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