June 19, 2016

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This is a very auspicious occasion,  as today is the day I  proudly present,  ‘my girl’,  the ‘girl wearing pearls’!

She has been a very long time coming, as she has been  battling her way up one arduous sand dune and down the next, realising though that she really couldn’t leave it any longer to present herself to you all, her glorious ‘camp followers’!

She has now stumbled out of her oasis and will eventually be found in various, book- stores around the World, or maybe at the Ritz, taking tea, please say hello!

She is longing to meet you – I hope you can  give her a thumping thumbs up and five stars to boot!   Golly gosh,  she deserves it!  Please love her, share her, enjoy her but most of all be entertained by her antics!!


738157LULU one for blog


At present she can be purchased in three different formats, via the links below:

For old fashioned Bookworms, still in love with ink and paper, do me the pleasure to click HERE for worldwide delivery.

Or if you can’t live without modern technology, click HERE, for the eBook format, which is perfect for Kindle readers.

And if you want to feed your iPhones, iPads and other Apple Apps, click HERE, she will be waiting at the iBook Store for you.

Thank you so very much for your interest and support!

I would be really happy to receive your comments about my Girl’s adventures. Please, share your stories too!












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4 thoughts on “‘MY GIRL WEARING PEARLS’!

    1. Thank you very much David – Please not so much of the, old girl thing!
      Busy, busy spreading the word re: ‘my girl’s’ adventures, going well x

    1. Mathilde, the pleasure was entirely mine. Thank you for leading me through the minefield of internet jargon – I hope you are now safely back in Berlin but it won’t be too long before you are this way again. x

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