February 21, 2017

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Here I am!   Since I penned my last post,  just before Christmas, my life, quite literally, has been turned upside down and inside out, leaving me in total disarray.


E4l caution to the wind


I hope  the ‘girl wearing pearls’ has been conspicuous by her absence,  maybe you thought she was lying in a darkened room  recovering from all the excitement of publishing her book or, perhaps,  hatching a plot as to how,  The Adventures of a Girl Wearing Pearls,  could be jet- propelled into the ‘best sellers lists’  – Alas no.


best seller


I need to explain, on Christmas day, my lovely Mike took the most terrible tumble- down some very unforgiving steps, which resulted in a smashed hip and a good dose of concussion.



humpty dumpty


Just like Humpty Dumpty all the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again.  Salvation came in the form of the marvellous surgeons and nurses at the Universidad hospital in Malaga, who deftly put Humpty together, on New Year’s Eve no less!


kings horses 2


Whilst Mike, alias Humpty Dumpty was lying prostrate in what were very alien surroundings,  needless to say I had been  rendered completely rudderless.   Mercifully,  help was at  hand, in the form of our wonderful Spanish neighbours, without whom, I would not have survived and as a consequence, Mike would have found the going even tougher.



ndeighb our 2


I was  engulfed with love and kindness, which came in many different guises, the most notable being  ferrying me too and from the hospital, every day for 10 days, leaving here at 8am and returning at 8pm – As  you might imagine, I was in no fit state to drive myself.  I am in awe of these kind people, many of whom have much to contend with in their lives, and owe them a massive debt of gratitude.




A big thank must also go to my amazing  ‘telephone buddies’ who unfailingly called every day proffering love and support, albeit from afar.   Distance knows no bounds in situations like these!



As the saying goes actions speak louder than words!  And to prove the point, at long last, here I am with both action and words!  We are now 60 days down the line and there is definitely a small chink of light at the end of this very long dark tunnel, such joy.



index.sixty days


Mike is not quite the Dumpty that he was and is now able to take a few steps unaided, the days are drawing out and the sun is beginning to shine.   Perhaps, we can now tentatively look forward with a song in our heart and a smile on our faces.


hell9o sunshine


With this modicum of optimism  ‘the girl wearing pearls’ may now be able to find  a few peaceful moments to dust down her book and once again dream her dreams.  I sincerely hope so!





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  1. Best wishes for Mike’s complete recovery – sort of been there myself so understand the pain, discomfort and frustration that comes with not being mobile.

  2. Have to say I did wonder what had happened to you but thank God Mike is fine — falling down steps in Malaga or Estepona can have serious consequences — my friend of many years fell down her steps and sadly after 18 months and many months of hospitalisation and rehab etc she passed away early last year. May the good Lord keep you and Mike i n good health and cheer

  3. I did my impression of Humpty Dumpty just over a year ago when I did a spectacular dismount off a horse at high speed! Like Mike, I broke my hip and was deftly put together again by skilled surgeons. If I could offer any advice to Mike it would be this; do the physiotherapy as much as possible and when you eventually get off the crutches get yourself to a swimming pool and walk widths. Also, try some of your physio in the pool. The exercise with added buoyancy brought me on in leaps and bounds and in no time I was swimming lengths. Eventually I was able to join a Pilates class which also made a big difference and I would say I’m about 95% as fit as I was before my mishap.
    Cabin fever was the worst part of the early recovery, so it helps to get out of the house whenever possible – even a run in the car to a cafe or the shops makes a big difference.
    The support of my family and friends was immeasurable and , believe it or not, I can look back at the incident, and the aftermath, and laugh at some of it (not much but even a little helps)!
    Best wishes to you and Mike and I hope for a speedy recovery.

  4. It’s been a long, tough road for your both – but thankfully you are now over the worst and raring to go!!! Loved reading this, and hope you add to it from time to time! xxx

  5. I’ve lived and worked in the UAE twice (Dubai and Abu Dhabi, 2001; Al Ain, 2010). I have just come across your blog and truly enjoy it!

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