December 13, 2018

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They say the road to ‘hell’ is paved with good intentions, would you believe my past year has been full of good intentions’ but circumstances have been such that there has always been a pothole or two to make me veer off track.   I now feel it would be somewhat foolhardy to make any predictions for 2019, suffice to say my wishes for 2018 still stand and I just hope and pray that during this coming year I may be able to catch up with myself, God Willing.

Many of you will recall that Mike had a catastrophic accident on Christmas day 2017, I had hoped that by now he would be fully recovered, sadly, that is not the case, consequently, almost all of my time is taken up caring for him.   It has been two long years and there have been other casualties along the way, not least my Blog and my Book, both severely neglected and no doubt, feeling abandoned, at present they can be found lying in a lay-by, crying out for help!  Let’s hope they will be rescued very soon!

I along with Mike welcome the thought of a New Year which, hopefully, will bring with it laughter and sunshine, which should put a smile on our face and a song in our heart – What a joy that would be.

That’s us packed up for 2018 –How about you?  I hope you are excitedly hurtling towards 2019 full of hope and happiness and that, maybe, just maybe out of the blue you will find yourself being sidetracked by my newest Essay – Which I think should be entitled ‘It’s been a long time coming’!!!!!  I sincerely hope that the consensus of opinion will be that it was well worth waiting for!


In the meantime, I wish you all a very happy  Christmas and a Prosperous and Peaceful New Year.


My love to you all Tiptoe xxxx


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