Essay 47 – Pottering About!

  Invitations were flying through the proverbial letter box, at a rate of knots, how we ever had time to go to work, I really don’t know!   Now then, if […]

A Million Tears

    The atrocities which occurred that Friday night in Paris has prompted me to reflect on ‘my journey’,  not planned or preempted, quite literally a happening of enormous proportions, […]

Essay 46 – Lying in a Darkened Room!

  How does one recover from a whirlwind of majestic proportions I’m asking myself.  I suppose the obvious answer would be to go and  lie in a darkened room until […]

Essay 44 – Another Chaotic Month!

  We are now looking forward to another visit from my parent’s and I really hope that this time I will have caught up with them in the Ex-Pat stakes. […]

Essay 42 – Delightful Company

We were enjoying happy days.    We had time to relax and enjoy our surroundings, yes, Dubai was now very much home and surprise, surprise, couldn’t really imagine living anywhere […]

Essay 39 – Brainwave!

I am still recovering from my first real test as a Ground Hostess at the Airport, did I pass muster?   Indeed, I hope so.   What a harrowing experience for everyone […]

Essay 38 – Best Foot Forward!

After the shenanigans of the past two weeks, I have decided that I never want to go to another party, drink another dodgy cocktail or wake up after only having […]

Essay 37 – New Year’s Eve – 1971

How we ever survived that Christmas day I will never know. Although, I would go as far as to say that our stamina together with the fortitude of our host […]

Essay 36 – Such Fun!

Yes, we have woken to  another sunny morning in Dubai and it’s Christmas day l97l, so different from our Christmases of yesteryear but there is no point looking back because […]

Essay 35 – Pass the Smelling Salts

Oh my goodness what have I let myself in for?   It’s all very well being willing to help but being bombarded with questions and phone calls is definitely another matter.   […]

Essay 31 – Soft Shoe Shuffle

What with now working at the Airport every morning, and that’s six mornings a week, my days have turned into something akin to the soft shoe shuffle, why is that, […]

Essay 30 – No More Tears!

They say familiarity breeds contempt but I think for me now that  I knew what to expect on a daily basis,  my life seemed so very much easier.  I wasn’t  […]