My name is Jan and I am inviting you to tag along with me, if you will, enjoy the highs and lows of my exploits whilst I begin telling you about my experiences when I very unexpectedly found myself   tiptoeing into the ‘ bloody abroad’ without a by your leave or do you mind.  This was my husband’s fault as he worked for an International Oil Company, and where does oil come from, yes you have guessed ‘the bloody abroad’, so off he went with me trotting behind somewhat reluctantly.

Laugh and cry but most of all I implore you to be amazed and amused in equal measure and, perhaps, say golly gosh how times have changed and pose the question,  “Would I have been such a loyal camp follower to Dubai or would I  have said no way José or maybe at the last moment would curiosity have got the better of me?!!!”  Who knows!!!




In 1970, in my early twenties I was catapulted into Dubai, in the Trucial Oman States, from leafy Surrey by dint of being married to an Oil Executive. So what I can hear you say, well in those distant days hardly a soul on God’s earth had heard of Dubai, unlike today, when Dubai is never out of the news. It was and still is a little desert Kingdom ruled by a Sheikh, lapped by the Persian Gulf and is hideously hot during the summer. What a prospect sure didn’t sound too much like a walk in the park to me.


Hey Ho.Before we start on our journey together tiptoeing into the unknown I must explain I really wasn’t too well equipped for this adventure. I thought my destiny lay somewhere in the Home Counties (of England) where I was brought up and that was, perhaps, where I would remain.

On reflection how dull my life might have been, I sure would never have had these tales to tell – and would never have been able to write about ‘The Adventures of a Girl Wearing Pearls’.


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Watch this space for a very important announcement shortly!

UPDATE: July 2016 – And here it is! I am delighted to announce that my book, “Adventures of a Girl Wearing Pearls” is available for you to buy and enjoy.

Adventures of a Girl Wearing Pearls Book Cover

Enjoy it,  and please do leave a review on Lulu, Amazon, Goodreads etc as well as recommending the book and blog to family and friends.   All encouragement, feedback and even the odd word of criticism is most welcome. Thank you.

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20 thoughts on “An Invitation!

  1. Hi Jan
    Enjoying the read. You have certainly been busy!
    See you soon, we will be flying out on the 13th sept.
    Speak to you soon.
    Love Neil, Cheryl and Laura.

  2. Hallo Jan,

    Nice to read some stories about the old days in Dubai, i also landed there in 1972 as a musician having a contract with my band to perform at Ambassador Hotel.
    After the contract i stayed in Dubai and opened the first ever pizzeria in Dubai and the Gulf,called Pizza Corner, after all these years i still live in Dubai…
    Kind regards

    1. My goodness Richard our paths must have crossed on so many occasions! I could have even been trotting round the floor at the Ambassador all those years ago.
      So glad you have found ‘me’ and really hope you continue to enjoy My Essays No l9 has been posted this morning.

      I am trying hard to get My ~Blog circulated around Dubai, any ideas? Was on Dubai Eye being interviewed last week. Most people living in today’s Dubai have no idea how it all began!!!!! But We doooooooooooo!! Jan

    2. hello…I know Richard from my first trips to Dubai in the 70th….
      could you please pass him my best regards…may be I am planning to visit him….Reinhard

  3. Just posted this a Facebook group for you.

    Dubai- the good old days
    I can’t send a link as its a group u would need to join

    1. Tarek – Thank you very much for trying to spread the ‘word!! Please tell me about yourself? I am so glad you have caught up with my Blog – I’m sure before your time, but what about your parents and grandparents?

      Do you haver lots of friends who would enjoy my stories? If so can you please tell them.

      I would so love for my story to become a book for everybody to enjoly – Fingers crossed.

      My email janstable@gmailcom Hope to year from you!

  4. hi Jan,

    I am so excited to have come across your blog thanks to a friend who posted it on facebook. Looking forward to reading all your adventures. I lived in Ras Al Khaimah for three years after my life fell apart 7 years ago and I got a teaching job. I wrote lots of emails to friends which I called ‘Arabian Nights’ and would love to transfer them into a blog. So now I can see how you do it and will follow your lead. I love writing so this is going to get me started again.
    With best wishes,
    Carol x

  5. Hello Jan,
    We may have crossed paths as in the summer months we would visit the Shell mess for a curry lunch, this was when we were doing a bachelor stint as the family spent the summer months back home in the UK.
    If you get the chance when visiting next drop into the Ambassador’s George and Dragon Pub and you might find George Chapman still taking lunch.
    I will keep in touch as I am still living and working in Dubai after 38 years.
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Nigel – Please refresh my memory what is your surname? My goodness being in Dubai still!! What changes!!

      If you happen to see George, please give him a vey big kiss from me and a Hi from Mike!! please do though tell me what yoou are doing now and a little bit more Dubai news. Jan x

  6. Hello Jan, it’s Nick from PayPal!

    Loving the read so far, very much looking forward to reading the rest of your exciting adventures and hopefully that donation button will be up and running in no time!

  7. Hi just read about you in this weeks SUR.
    Your story brings back memories of when I was seconded to Royal Dutch Shell in 1972,1974 .
    we were based at Muscat and worked in the oil fields of Fahud. The country was very primitive and I can
    imagine the struggle you had. Keep on writing!

    1. Hi Mike – Thank you for taking the trouble to comment about the article in this week’s Sur.
      I am glad my musings have brought back memories, no doubt, some good and some not so good!
      Please keep reading and I will keep writing! Do you live in Southern Spain?

  8. Hi all,I arrived in Doha in 1975 then to Dubai in 1976 to run the disco on the top floor of the Inter con.After a while in Sharjah then Abu Dhabi we moved to the International Hotel Dubai where we ran Studio 7. great days. Now in Spain for 30 odd years.loved Dubai in the old day’s.perhaps our paths crossed.

    1. Hi Gordon, So glad you are now travelling down memory lane with The Girl Wearing Pearls!!

      Sure our paths must have crossed after all the Intercon was the ‘only place’ do you remember Orleander Flower Shop? We loved dancing the night away in those far off days.

      We now live in Spain Alhaurin el Grande, between Malaga and Marbella, where are you? Maybe our paths will cross again Jan

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