Essay 26 – Idyllic Days!

We spent an idyllic few days at Whitesands enjoying days that only dreams are made of.  The hotel was built in colonial style, the outside being wooden clapboarding painted white, […]

Essay 25 – Breathtaking Africa!

My goodness we have only been on East African soil for a matter of hours, which incidentally, is a glorious copper colour, have eaten our fill of fresh fruit and […]

Essay 21 – Special Offer!

I have just heard that BOAC are running ‘special offers’ on travel from London/Dubai, I wonder why?  Maybe, just maybe, nobody wants to or has any particular reason to visit […]

Essay 19 – A Little Affronted!

Just when I was thinking that we had ‘cracked it’, that is to say managed to establish a daily routine  that was running, almost like clockwork, yes, you have guessed, […]

Essay 15 – Creek Side, Dubai

  I would never have thought that our newly acquired abode, Flat 6O3 Almulla Building, Creek Side Dubai would ever have been considered home but it just goes to show […]